Christmas is fast approaching, and as tradition dictates we often want to exchange gifts.  For a fiber arts enthusiast, there seems to be some expectation for handmade gifts.  Although we have posted some submissions from our generous readers for your inspiration, we wanted to give you a few more ideas on quick to make gifts, for everyone on your list.

To begin with, you might want to check out these articles, that have appeared in the past issues of Spindle And Wheel.  They are fast, thoughtful and very well received.

Felted soap 
Baby Booties  
Leg Warmers
Yarn Pilliager
Needle Holder 
Fleece Wreath
Beaded Stitch Markers  
Rescue Me Socks (knit in heavy yarn for slippers too!)
Self Patterning yarn  
Dish Clothes

You can also access all of these on the main menu under patterns.  Another idea, for purchased gifts for fiber friends, is to look over the product review articles, we have some really good ideas there, and as a plus you get a good honest opinion on the product to boot!

For other handmade, Quick gifts, we have gotten together a list of projects we liked and that looked good, as well as some good resources.


Most all knitters look here often, it is probably one of the most popular craftzine on the web.  There is a little bit of everything on here, and plenty of small little whimsies that make great toys and fun gifts.  Here are just a few of our favorites.


Muffy - could be made for anyone with a few modifications

Pink Lady - girls, a very cute little cap, I want one for me...

Flower Power - a cute baby/child hat sporting a flower on top, unique and fun. 

NOA 3 in 1 , a hat/neckwarmer, a neckwarmer, or hat, all three, YAY!

Urchin - a unique sideways knit beret, perfect for handspun thick and thin. 

Blue Hills - a nice looking hat, with a built in neckwarmer.

Halfdome - A mens hat with an edgy urban feel.


- and adorable little bear, so cute. 
Toasty Pocket Creatures - cute little hand warmers you heat in the microwave. 
Finger Puppers - FUN puppets for fingers!

Knitty has so many beautiful things to choose from, but there are also some other sites that are fun.  For some who don't knit well, or just need to look up a technique, be sure and look at    They have a nice selection of free pattern links, plus video demonstrations of almost all knitting techniques.

Also for inspiration and ideas, plus patterns check these out,


Fun with Felting

A great site to get started

Knitting/Felting Patterns -  I especially liked the knitted/felted baby Yoda hat LOL.

Some Fun and easy felt/felting crafts

Fuzzy Feet, a really cute pair of knitted/felted slippers

Weaving Ideas and Help

Finger weaving
An excellent tutorial
A whole bunch of weaving information

So look around, and let the creativity flow.  MERRY CHRISTMAS!!