Product review

Can a fiber artist really have too many gadgets and doo-dads to help them do the work they love?  Maybe, but the selection and quality of the products featured from Nancy's Knit Knacks and Knit Picks were extraordinary to say the least.  The craftsmanship on the products we reviewed was exceptional, and we feel really good about recommending them for your use and enjoyment.

knit picks stitch guage

Knit Picks has great prices, and also high quality.  I was extremely pleased with the stitch gauge, and yarns I received.  The Alpaca Cloud is a very fine lace weight, and the colors I ordered closely matched the pictures on their web page.  All the yarns I looked at were close matches in color and description.  Of course color on the monitor can vary from computer to computer, but the colors were almost identical to my display.  The Alpaca Cloud is soft and lovely, with a very mild bloom.  All the yarns were very well spun, with good qualities for long wear and the colors were beautiful.  The Bare merino lace weight is slightly thicker in wpi than the Alpaca Cloud, but it is very soft and beautiful to behold.  We also enjoyed the Shamrock, Shimmer, Wool of the Andes, and Gossamer.  All of these were just splendid, especially for the prices.  Finally we tried some of their new yarn, Risata, this cotton blend has everything for the perfect sock.  I think that anyone would be pleased with an order from Knit Picks.  Great selection, perfect pricing and exceptional color accuracy(on my screen).

WPI tool

We also reviewed some products from Nancy's Knit Knacks and they were also exceptional in quality and workmanship.  The WPI tool was made with spinners and knitters alike in mind.  The notch in the end is designed to fit most yarn weights, and the round shaft makes wrapping the yarn very easy.  It has markings at one inch on up to three inches, for very good accuracy.  I have to say that four inches would be nice, and also a choice of centimeters, but that is not offered on this tool.  The quality is good however, and the tool is very useful as it is.  It also comes with a very handy conversion card that lets you categorize your yarns into the standard weight groups according to the wpi.  It was easy to use and understand, and over all I would rate it as a must have tool for the fiber artist.  Knitters, weavers and crocheters will find it of particular value, it is the almost ideal tool for using unlabeled or handspun yarns with commercial patterns.

Yarn Meter

The yarn meter that we looked at was also from Nancy's Knit Knacks.  It worked accurately, and was easy to set up for use with a ball winder.  It clamps to a table with a simple mechanism, and the counter has guide slots in the two end poles that keep the yarn nice and straight for the best results.  It measures the yarn in feet, and offers no choice of meters, or yards and I found that to be a little disappointing, but understandable.  A small amount of math clears up the shortcomings in yards and meters and I think you will be pleased with this product.  Overall, I really liked the meter, and I felt it was a fairly good buy for anyone needing to measure out the footage of their yarn.  There are several retailers who carry Nancy's Knit Knacks, and they are listed on their home page.

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