Well, as usual, lots has been going on here at Spindle And Wheel.  The biggest news is that we will be having another baby in June.  We are very happy and excited, but it has affected things somewhat, and we hope you won't be disappointed.

We decided after discussion on the blog, to make this issue Quick Gifts.  Most of the patterns are for knitting, and we would very much like to add crochet, but alas, my carpel tunnel syndrome doesn't allow me to crochet well.  So if you crochet, please contact us, as we would love to take more submissions for crochet.

We are both now on Ravelry, and we have made a small investment in advertising there.  Allena is spindleandwheel, and Beau is WBJ.  We would love to hear from you there, and we also have a group dedicated to our readers.  Spindle And Wheel Readers.  We would love for you to join us.  If you haven't signed up, then you should right away, you really are missing a wonderful experience.  Sign up here , and don't worry, you should get invited within a fairly short period of time, perhaps a few weeks. 

We hope that the gift ideas will help you if you celebrate and wish to exchange gifts.  One of the other bumps in the road was that our camera broke and we werecameraless for the duration of several "KEY" weeks.  So there will be a few more patterns to trickle in, once the camera is back.

On farm news, the sheep have all been with the ram, so we are all set for lambs this spring.   We will also be purchasing two pigs this weekend to put out on the garden.  We are hoping that the pigs will eat all the roots, and clean the ground which should greatly reduce the need for weeding.  We'll let you know how our experiment goes.

Thanks for your continued support, we hope you enjoy the issue.

We wish you all, a happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas and also a happy new year.   We hope your Holiday celebrations are full of cheer and love this season.