Then, before you know it the Yarn Police knock on your door to your happy place. They ring the bell a couple of times before pounding their way in to start their interrogation. 

"What’s going on?
Having a bit of a party here? You can’t be doing that yet.
Where’s that second sock?
You can’t celebrate yet! Get that yarn cast on for the second sock. NOW!
No reason to celebrate yet. Put that camera away. It’s not blog-worthy
I said Cast on NOW! NOW! NOW!"

Bah humbug I say. Banish those boring old stalwarts. Tell them to get over it. I have started a new journey, one without a hint of remorse. Only joy, and excitement.

How to do this? It’s really very, very, easy. I have decided to embrace the Hundertwasser in me. He apparently always wore 2 different socks (he also he gave a famous speech in a park in the nude - but don’t run away - I’m not going that far).

I have always thought there was an inner weirdo within me - itching to get out. My mother is far too conservative for me to go too crazy (hey - I work with her 3 days a week - couldn’t stand the verbal assaults if I did anything too crazy)….so I choose to go the “2 different socks” route for the moment.


A recent purchase of Colinette Jitterbug forced my hand. That and a copy of Nancy Bush’s "Knitting on the Road”. I checked the socks for similar gauge, sucked my belt in and went for it.

And so I present: One Denmark Sock and One Whitby sock

Same Colinette Jitterbug Yarn! Love them. Can’t wait to start creating others. Think of all those patterns calling your name - now you can try as many as you like and never go back to knit the second one. Just do a happy dance and cast on for a totally new one using the same yarn.