Issue three presented many problems, and it was kind of a rough time for us, but we've gotten through it, and things are looking up.  We were very happy to be able to finally get the Robert Mills story written, it was very difficult to nail down.  Many thanks to Sara Hagel.

Beau has been working hard at his spinning and knitting.  He's starting to listen when I say "Maybe you shouldn't..." and is making rapid progress.  Soon he will be able to help make patterns and write more about knitting and spinning.

We have two new writers that have joined our little team.  Both of which we were lucky enough to meet through fiber swaps.

Donyale Grant comes to us from the grand country of Australia, and we are very happy to have her quick wit and interesting perspective to add to Spindle And Wheel.  I had the pleasure of being her secret pal in a swap last year, and we have become great friends.  She is a very caring person and an exceptional fiber artist.  We hope to get many more submissions from her.  Welcome Donyale!


Nina Lilledahl is from Norway, and we got to know her when she joined the Spindle and Wheel Fiber Frenzy swap.  Nina is studying to be a nurse, and when she has time, she writes many interesting blog posts and patterns.  Now she can write all that stuff for us too.  Welcome Nina, we are grateful for your help.


Extra! Extra! articles have been down-sized to about four between issues, we just can't seem to keep up, but as submissions increase, we hope to add them more frequently.  New content is added between issues in the form of these articles.  If you would like to help with a short article, please send us an email.

On the list for tutorials is:
Drum Carding, blending colors and fibers for different effects.
The whiz bang lazy Kate
Navajo Plying
Drafting: types and uses
Crock Pot hand painting
and quite a few more... Please let us know if there is something in particular you would like to see on the site.

On other news, next issue will publish Nov 15, so we are already at work on that.  It will focus on last minute gifts for the procrastinating crafters.  We are restructuring our time some, to make it easier to keep up with work without going crazy.  Mandatory recreation time is a new rule for the Jackson household from now on, and we hope this will help us to keep up with work better, and also not be grumpy.

We have added a shop, and are putting some pretty exciting new stuff in later this week, (after mandatory recreation).  We're going to rest up a few days, and then we will get busy putting some new fiber blend batts, and also some hand made spindles Beau has been working on.

Lastly, we will be hosting a sock swap in the very near future as Fiber Frenzy comes to a close.  We are also starting to think about what the next swap should be, so let us know what you think!  There is also a contest on the blog, someone will be sent a special gift each month, to enter, post a comment on the blog, the more you comment, the more chances you have to win...  The winner will be chosen randomly, unless someone bribes me...

Well, the laundry has completely covered the house, so we're off to start washing it, We hope you all enjoy issue three, and also please let us know if you have a blog post, or submission our readers might enjoy.

Beau and Allena Jackson