10)  Rovings are hung on hangers in the closets, with garment bag covers, and the dress clothes are wadded up on the floor.

9) There is a fleece soaking in the bathtub, while people bathe with a washcloth and a sink of soapy water.

8) You couldn't wait to spin your wet roving, so you clothes-pinned it to the moving ceiling fan to dry faster.  

7) You have a Pavlov's dog response to any fiber or yarn that is lovely and soft.

6) Your four year old says things like, "My dress is dirty because Mom is washing wool and not our clothes."

5) You covertly photograph a stranger, to record a spectacular garment for future reference.

4)  Your online banking login name contains the word "fluff".

3) You buy 50 + packs of Kool Aid, and your kids have to beg you to let them drink "just one packet."

2) You contemplate shaving the neighbors pomeranian when they are at work.

1) Your long haired cat looks at you with suspicion and hisses anytime it sees you holding scissors.