The past can be a wonderful place at times, a connection to the people who were gone before I was ever born.  My  Great Grama was quite a woman, who had to lead a very different life than you and I.  I have a picture of her that was taken when my mother, who is now 93, was a baby.  I have her darning needle and many stories of her ingenuity and humor.

I have never knitted very much, I've only knitted slippers for my girls, and then my son-in-laws, and then my grand children as they come.  I do have a helpful hint though, passed down to me from my Great Grama who knitted all the socks and woolen items that kept her family warm in the harsh cold winter of the Missouri Ozark Mountains.  Great Grama used to take the favorite color of each family member and darn in patterns into the heels, soles, and toes of the socks.  This made them more comfortable, extra warm, easy to match and she would know who needed a switching for wearing their socks outside.  Back then, making socks was serious business, and socks were to be treated carefully, or else!  Be it wool or cotton, my Great Grampa always had my favorite color blue worked in a pattern on his socks.

I always said I would learn to knit when I got too old to do anything else.  Well folks that's not going to happen past slippers.  Sometimes the eyes are the first to go, now in my 60's I still am only able to sit still for a little while before I have to be o the move again.

Great Grama's darning needle is special to me, but it has also been very handy.  I've used it to work in miles of elastic while sewing for my girls, turning spaghetti strap and more than I can even remember.  If you can find a good one, I'm sure you'll fine many uses of your own.

Great Grama had a recipe for toasty feet she used to share with people who asked her how to make socks.  First buy yourself some sheep.  Shear them in the spring and wash the wool.  Card the wool and spin the wool into yarn.  Wind the yarn into balls and start knitting socks as fast as you can, in every spare minute until winter.  Give as Christmas gifts to all your family members who have cold feet, and they will love you for it.  Now spin cotton as fast as you can, use the recipe above to give socks to a family with hot feet.  The love keeps on coming your way.