I wanted a niddy noddy, they are so fast to skein yarn and also wonderful for dyeing. I didn't ever get around to ordering one, they are kind of expensive ($15 -$50) from what I could tell.

So I decided to try and make one from plumbing pipe or PVC. I have heard of people doing this and I like to make my own tools if possible.

One advantage to making your own tools, is that you can tailor them to your own needs. I could only find 1, 1.2 and 2 yard niddy noddys and I can say that for some space dyeing a longer skein would be very desirable.


niddy noddy parts

This is pretty much what you need, additionally you need something to cut the pipe with. This can be a hack saw, good serrated knife or you can purchase a pipe cutter for under $10 that is designed for cutting PVC pipe.

The four shorter pieces are the arms of the niddy noddy and you can make these wider for bigger skeins. The two T joints connect all the pieces together and the long piece is the middle.

Here are the dimensions for a 1 yard and a 2 yard skein using 1/2 inch PVC pipe.

For the short pieces I cut these 6" long for the 2 yard niddy noddy, and 4" for the one yard niddy noddy.

The long center piece was 16" for the two yard niddy noddy and 7" for the one skein niddy noddy.

Cut all the pieces and slip them into the T joints.  Please note that these are about 1 and 2 yard skeins, it isn't exact.


end peices completed

Now slide the center piece into the two end pieces, and viola you have a niddy noddy of your own for less that $5. The extra bonus is that you can use these niddy noddys in dyebaths, especially if you purchase the pipe made for hot water lines.